Friction by Jamie Magee

IMG_8522Friction by Jamie Magee

Release Date: April 24, 2015

Pages: 257

Format: Kindle

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Dates Read: April 30 to May 3


Romeo and Juliet had it easier. They came from warring families who clearly drew a line for them not to cross. It wasn’t the same with Easton and Georgia. They came from a town where family was precious and moments were cherished. Still, there were unspoken rules, such as not falling for your best friends kid sister—or testing troubled hearts. The losses Easton and Georgia endured at a young age tossed them down separate paths, far from the sleepy town they both had roots within. Now, broken roads and bad decisions were the demons in their pasts—choices that would either draw them together, or rip them apart when chance landed them face to face once more. Friction is a companion novel to Impulsion. Both novels can be read as stand alones.
Easton and Georgia have known each other a long time since she is his best friend, Memphis’, little sister. When something tragic happens it brings them together for one night.

It’s now years later and they are seeing each other for the first time…she thinks he doesn’t remember her and he thinks she wants nothing to do with him.

“I’m working, not socializing,” she said as she started to close down her tablet. Hoping the pub was loud enough that he couldn’t hear just how unsteady her tone really was. “Are you a part of this wedding deal?” she asked, not daring to look up at him.
Did she really not recognize me? Easton thought.

There has been so much tension between these two since Wyatt and Harley’s wedding. We knew something happened to Easton in the past years but never knew what. We finally learn and it’s quite a big deal. Something life changing! It’s crazy how much can happen, good or bad, in just a few years.

 Georgia was speechless, completely stunned that she’d had no idea any of this went down. She knew her brother wasn’t one to air other people’s drama, but Easton was his best friend and this was a hell he endured.
“I’m sorry.”
“For?” Easton snapped.
“Because she hurt you, left you to carry this alone.”

Easton is a firefighter with Station 32. I could never imagine being with someone in that profession and not being worried every time they went out on a call. For Georgia it was even worse because her brother was also a firefighter plus their best friends. That is a lot of people she cares about in danger every day they go to work. Easton knows that this is what he’s supoose to be doing and can’t see himself doing anything else though.

I absolutely LOVED this story! I love the fire house scenes, made me feel like a real brotherhood.  You knew any one of them would do anything to help the other. I loved how they both had trust issues and they had to work through them in order to be able to move on from the past. Easton and Georgia made my heart-break for them and then shine when things were going well.

Will they be able to get over their past demons? Will they be able to be happy together? Can they both learn to open up and allow the other to help with the hard things?  Will they finally get their HEA ?

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