Never Over You by Ryleigh Andrews

25670570Never Over You by Ryleigh Andrews

Release Date:  August 11, 2015

Pages: 358

Format: ARC

Find It: Amazon * GoodReads

Dates Read: July 30 to August 2


Strange how life deals the cards sometimes …

Life was perfect for Mia Devereux.

“You can always have me, Mia. I’m always yours. Forever, suga.”

She had everything she always wanted.

But maybe life wasn’t so perfect after all.

One event threatens her happily ever after.
Will Mia revert to her old ways of dealing with her pain?
Or will she fight?
Or will the hurt simply be too much to handle?

Can she get past the pain and recapture the life she so desperately wanted?


This is the third book, and sadly the last, in the Never Over You series. You’ll fall in love with these characters just like I did. Ethan is the star quarterback of The Flash and Mia is a rising singer with her band Last star. Of course there are many other main characters but these two are the stars!

This one started right where the last book ended. Ethan and Mia are finally starting to get their happily ever after…after all the heart ache and trouble they went through to get where they are now.

Until one event that happened that could change both their worlds forever, something that’s suppose to be a happy event….one single event can change everything.

“I love you, suga,” Ethan said, his lips lightly pressed against that spot where her ear and cheek met. “Thank you for staying with me.”

Ethan has always been one of my favorite male leads, just his devotion to Mia no matter what, his love for her is so amazing (it’s seriously stuff you never see in real life! Haha), he would literally do anything for her!

Ethan makes this one decision that could totally ruin his relationship with Mia…I was so upset about this…this was not the Ethan I fell in love with, that Ethan would never do this, especially to the love of his life…ever!

“I do.”

“Say it. Please,” he begged, the tears spilling from his eyes.

“I love you, Ethan,” she spoke quietly and then backed her car out of the garage and made her way to Luke’s for the fourth time today.

Now the only thing remaining is…will they be able to overcome this one horrible thing? Will Mia be able to forgive Ethan? Is everything that they both have worked so hard for destroyed? Or will they finally get their HEA?!?

This one had my emotions all over the place…scared, sad, angry, happy, and relieved! Jealousy is a very real and scary emotion…this causes them a lot of heart ache. Plus, communication is so important in any relationship…it could have changed some of the major events if they had just talked to each other!! I found this one very hard to put down…I HAD to know how it ended!

This is a must read series…if you haven’t read it you definitely should! It’s a series with so much heart…you can tell Ryleigh Andrews put her heart and soul into this and it totally paid off!

I’m really going to miss Ethan and Mia!

ARC was provided for my honest review by Ryleigh Andrews!

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