Engraven by Lila Felix

26022798Engraven by Lila Felix

Release Date:  August 2, 2015

Pages: 224

Format: ARC

Find It: Amazon * GoodReads * Nook

Dates Read: August 2 to August 8


Tarrow Rivers is determined to wait on his mate, he scents her in the swamps, can see her in the trees, but he knows she’s not ready to meet him. Yet fate has other plans.

Dahlia Branch has been groomed for an independent life since birth. Clans are something she’s always been warned against. She knew she would never be a part of one…until she finds Tarrow, who is not only a loyal clan member but one of their Betas.


This is book 3 in the Bayou Bears Chronicles!! I loved the first two and was not disappointed because this one was just as great!!

This one is about Tarrow, who is one of the betas in the clan, and Dahlia, who has never been in a clan and has been told how bad they her whole childhood….what a great start right?!

I really loved Tarrow in this one, he knew she wasn’t ready for him so he kept away even though he wanted to do anything but that. They saw each other for the first time outta pure accident!

Amber irises locked with mine as my heartbeat arrested, having me clawing at my chest in desperation for the blood pumping sensation to return. No breaths were to be had as my first thought drifted into the air, thanking the Creator for chance encounters that weren’t so chance at all.

Dahila has a lot to learn about clan life and about letting someone help her out. She is the oldest of 6 girls so she’s always helped her parents out so she’s use to taking care of herself. Tarrow just wants to do what’s right by his mate!  

They have many up and down moments while they try and figure out how to be together and learn about each other.

His words carried the weight of pain—pain I’d forced on him by lying to him.

“I’m sorry. I can’t—I need you. Please.” 

Before I’d even finished my shaky statement, he was next to me, his arms encircling my waist, pulling me toward him. 

“I’m here. I just went outside, but you knew that.”

I love Dahlia’s spunkiness!! I love how she stands up for Tarrow since he never does…it made my heart melt!!

Will they be able to figure out how to be together? Will they end up as part of the clan or will they decide to go out on there own? 

This is a must read series for anyone who loves paranormal shifter stories!!

My Star Rating:



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