Hate to Love You by Isabelle Richards

IMG_0001Hate to Love You by Isabelle Richards

Release Date: September 9, 2015

Pages: 224


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Date Read: August 8 to August 24


Opposites in every way, Chase and Arianna have been bitter rivals since childhood. Constantly in competition, they fight incessantly, making it nearly impossible for them to be in the same room with each other. Until they slept together. 

Sex changes everything. 

In one emotional evening, they go from enemies to lovers. Hate quickly evolves into passionate lust, but old habits die hard. The love growing between them can’t erase a lifetime of animosity. The two quickly fall back into old routines of spite and vengeance, and their relationship crumbles under the weight of their deep-seated distrust. 

Chase and Arianna spend the next two years on opposite sides of the globe, avoiding each other at all costs. Despite the lies they tell themselves, neither one is ready to let go. Even though they are both engaged to other people, they can’t find it in their hearts to forgive each other or to move forward. 

A family emergency calls Arianna home, where they have no choice but to face each other again. Will they finally admit the truth, or will they remain forever trapped between love and hate?

download1This is book 1 in a brand new series by Isabelle Richards!! I was so excited to receive this ARC because her other series (When Fates Collide) is amazing so I knew this one wouldn’t be any different!!

Ari and Chase have been enemies since they were little…always fighting, always competing to see who was better than the other, they always had to be separated before it turned into a full out fight! They are both VERY competitive and always want to be the best!
One night Ari was vulnerable and Chase was suddenly there being sweet and not his competitive self…the night ends in sex which changes their relationship…for the better or worse is yet to be determined…
This story is mainly told in the present but I love the flashbacks to their past where we can really learn about their relationship since it starts with them hating each other!
I love being in Chase’s head too!! I love getting how the guy feels since they almost never say it in words!! I love getting to hear his inner thoughts on Ari…

He wipes his eyes, waking up a little. “I’m mad at you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t worry about you.” He looks at the clock and sees how early it is. His head crashes back on the pillow. “You should go back to sleep.”

After years of Ari traveling and not being around she is brought home and has to face Chase again…especially since her best friend is his twin sister!!

“It was nice. It made me realize how much I miss him.”

This book is full of heart break, confusion, angst, health issues, miscommunication, and love.  It also ends in quite a cliffhanger (so prepare yourself!!) that’s building up for the next book…which I CANT wait for!!
This is a MUST READ!!

My Star Rating:



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