A Country Escape by K. M. Lowe

29751079A Country Escape by K. M. Lowe

Release Date: April 19, 2016

Pages: 210

Format: ARC

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Dates Read: October 22 to October 24


Molly has had a rough couple of years. Losing her mum is one thing, but getting out of a bad relationship to realize that she is pregnant, is another.

She decides that in order to get her life back on track, she needs to move away from her family home in Aberdeen, to a small country village in Stirling. Little did she know that this move was going to be the best thing she has ever done.

Molly’s new home and business plans all work out nicely. Her offer on Ethel’s Farm is accepted and her business plans get the go ahead. Greg Macintosh is her saviour and helps her get everything sorted. Their friendship blossoms but Molly can’t accept her deeper feelings for him. She thinks that because she has a baby on the way, she has to live the rest of her life as a single mum.

A trip to Aviemore in December is eventful, to say the least. Molly and Greg reveal everything to each other and Molly walks away from her chance of happiness.

Things take a turn when Molly and Greg are thrown into the arms of one another to get through a tricky situation.

Can their friendship progress to the next level, or do they end up going their separate ways?


Molly is looking to move to the country and start her business. She was tired of the city life and wanted a fresh start. She was left by her boyfriend when he found out she was pregnant so she’s trying to do everything alone.

Greg helps out on his parents farm along with owning his own business. He has a daughter whose mother left when she was a baby deciding she wasn’t ready to “settle down” yet.

Molly is trying to buy the farm next door to Greg’s family farm. When her wish comes true and her offer is accepted she’s beyond thrilled. She happens to run into Greg who happens to have a business who can help her remodel her house and barn for her business.

They both hit it off and a relationship starts to grow, but Molly has reservations about getting involved since she’s pregnant with someone else’s baby.

I was a little surprised that he could label me all those lovely things. He truly was a gentleman, even though he didn’t know me.

Greg is the perfect example of the perfect guy and proves chivalry isn’t dead. He’s is so great to Molly and treats her like every girl wants to be treated.

Molly goes to the hospital for her 20 week scan which Greg insists going with her for, but she receives some news she wasn’t expecting and she didn’t want to burden him with the extra responsibility, so she tries to push him away.

“I wouldn’t have offered if I wasn’t sure.”

“Okay.” I rested my head on Greg’s shoulder and wondered what I have done to deserve a friend like him.

I loved this book a lot. I loved Molly and Greg together. I loved how much of a gentleman Greg was plus I love how strong Molly was.

Can these two find there HEA? Can they forget about past relationships to make one together work? Can Molly accept help or will she want to do everything alone?
My Star Rating:



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