Forever Frenzy by Casey L Bond

33863503Forever Frenzy by Casey L Bond

Release Date: January 19, 2017

Pages: 91

Format: ARC

Find It: Amazon * GoodReads

Dates Read: January 18


Everything in Porschia Grant’s world was finally normal; the daily routine peppered with moments of happiness, sadness, and monotony. She longs for those moments now, because her entire world has been wrecked, and she didn’t even see it coming.
An evil escaped the underworld, killing someone she loves. It has to die, and she wants to be the one to end it.
But can Porschia live with herself if she takes on the curse she once hated? Will the consequences of her choice crush her?
How will she feel when someone from her past, someone she loved so deeply, enters her life again?

Tage has been guiding his son from the afterlife. He’s always been a part of Seth’s life, even if Porschia didn’t know the extent of his involvement. He’s watched over both of them from afar. Close, but never close enough.
Now they need him, and he’s about to risk everything to show her how much she still means to him.

For some, love never ends and frenzy is forever.


I was beyond thrilled when I found out there was going to be another Frenzy novella!! I absolutely LOVE this series and I wasn’t ready for it to end!!

It is now 16 years later and Saul and Porschia are still in love and surviving after the cure. Tage is gone because he saved her in the end of book five. I was pretty sure Tage was gonna reappear in some form to help Seth….or at least that was my hope!

“How old were you?” She gripped the poker like a weapon, strangling the handle of it.


Her top teeth raked over the bottom ones. “And you thought I didn’t need to know?”

“It would only have upset you.”

I loved seeing Porschia again and how fierce and strong she is! I loved how she handled herself after everything happened. It was really great to be back with these characters!!

It was poison, racing through veins and vessels. It whispered in my ear to let it free. It was all I could think of.


There were so many emotions running through me while reading this!! I was happy, then sad, then mad, then I understood why certain things happened even if I wasn’t happy about it lol. This was a great conclusion to the series! I will miss these characters a lot, and maybe Casey will decide to write a spinoff about Seth down the road!

My Star Rating:



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