Mayday by C. L. Bond

51bcgaosw1l__sy346_Mayday by C. L. Bond

Release Date: February 22, 2017

Pages: 224

Format: ARC

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Dates Read: February 5 to February 7


MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY…This is the sailing vessel Lucky Day. Vessel taking on water. Current position: Latitude: N 14° 53′ 37.7844″, Longitude: W 61° 41′ 57.1875″. Speedboat taking on water, in need of immediate assistance. Two souls on board. No injuries. Vessel is 24 feet long, white with green striping.
MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY…This is the sailing vessel Lucky Day.

Finn Cohen isn’t a survivalist. He likes computers and internet-researched his way into the final round of contenders for a new type of reality show. The premise? Spend 30 days on a deserted island with a woman he’s never met, and pass the tests the producers give them. Sounds easy enough. He just hopes he gets stuck with the hot chick he can’t stop staring at.

Penniless is exactly what Jessa McDaniel is. She’s living in her car, working under the table wherever she can…which, without a high school education is about all she can do. She needs to get on the show. She needs the money. Jessa is confident she can survive. She’s been doing it since she was old enough to remember. She just hopes the producers don’t put her with the stupid guy that keeps staring at her.
Will the pair last thirty days under harsh conditions? Or will the producers’ tasks have them crying Mayday sooner than we’d like?
Two souls. One goal: Sink or Swim.

Reality Check Magazine

First Contestants Announced for New Reality Show Mayday
Mayday, the first reality show to marry survival wit with a potential love match, will air this Tuesday, January 8th. Contestants must complete several tasks and traverse dangerous territory to get to a rendezvous point at the end of thirty days. If they arrive together, each contestant will win a sum of $1,000,000.00. If one or neither show up at rendezvous, they get nothing but a great story to relay to their friends.
The first contestants to compete together will be Jessa McDaniel and Finn Cohen. McDaniel is an unemployed young woman from rural Georgia, and Cohen is an IT major at the University of Miami. They say opposites attract, and this duo couldn’t be more opposite.


Whenever I see Casey L Bond is releasing a new book I always get excited because she hasn’t written a book I haven’t loved…and she didn’t disappoint with this one!

Mayday is a reality show where they start with many couples and then one male and one female the producer feels are most deserving to be on “The Launch Show” end up on a deserted island (minus the many, many camera crew…lol) and they have to survive 30 days in order to win 1 million dollars. Of course they don’t make it easy and threw many challenges at them…

And that’s what it was.

A game. It would be a vicious one.

Who would win?

Finn was trying to prove to his family and himself that he was able to finish something he started after being kicked out of college. He’s never been good enough for his dad, he just wasn’t his brother nor did he want to be.

Jessa was a stubborn, tough, and cold-hearted girl on the outside…where inside she was just trying to survive.

Finn and Jessa had a rough start…but were able to figure out how to work together in order to survive. They were even able to help each other with personal challenges and they might have even started to become friends.

She had opened up. We were getting to be friends…but day ten unleashed hell on earth. We were both lucky to come through it.

I absolutely loved this book…this was such a great spin on a reality tv show!!! It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting…it was way better!!

I loved watching Finn and Jessa interact with each other while trying to figure out each other’s strengths and weaknesses and using them to help while on the island.

The question is…will they survive 30 days on the island together? Will they be rewarded their 1 million dollars? Or will they not be up to the challenge?! You’ll have to “watch” Mayday in order to find out!!

Tune in on February 22nd!!

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