This Thing Between Us by Holly C Webb

35003408This Thing Between Us by Holly C Webb

Release Date: May 26, 2017

Format: ARC

Pages: 254

Find It: GoodReads * Amazon

Dates Read: May 7 to May 8


Parker O’Neill is a man with the world at his feet. Son of the CEO of O’Neill’s International, he is ready to take over as head of the company, once his father retires in six months’ time.

However, Parker has earned himself the ultimate playboy reputation, and not everyone thinks he is ready to take control of the company that he was groomed for all his life.

Given an ultimatum that he has to settle down if he wants to take over from his father; Parker decided the only way to solve his problem, is to pay someone to play the part of his dutiful wife.

Alice Whitman is a hard working girl, with a kind heart. Raised by her grandmother after losing her parents, she knows what it’s like to lose everything.

Sophia, Alice’s grandmother, is getting older and growing weaker by the day. Alice is the only one Sophia has, so it falls to her to do whatever it takes to help her beloved Gram.
When Parker makes Alice an offer he thinks she can’t refuse, he is stunned to find that money doesn’t always mean you get your own way. However, Alice soon realizes Parker might be the one person that can help her when she needs it most.

Can they make their arrangement work without anyone finding out the truth, or will this thing between them turn into something neither of them expected it to be?


This is the first time I’ve read anything by this author and I’m so glad I took the chance!! Absolutely fell in love with these characters! You know it’s good when you stay up past midnight to finish!!

Parker was looking forward to taking over his fathers company when he retired in 6 months. It’s what he has worked so hard for…but his bachelor life has earned him some majorly bad press. There are questions on whether he’s the man for the job.
Alice is a sweet and caring girl who works as a waitress at a coffee shop and she takes care of her grandmother.

Parker’s father gives him a ultimatum…find a nice girl and get married in 3 months or he will not get his dad’s company. He runs into Alice at the coffee shop and later realizes she is the perfect girl for his plan….paying someone to marry him. Alice agrees to his plan figuring he can help her out too.

He wished he could go back to this morning, wake up again and discover this whole day had been a bad dream. He also wished his parents would see how ridiculous this whole idea was.

Parker was a complete jerk in the beginning. There were many times I wanted to slap him and tell him off. I can’t believe how much Alice put up with! He figured she’d just be his arm candy at special events to show his parents he’d settled down. She decided enough was enough until something unexpected happened which was a game changer for one of them…

She stared at him for a moment, as so many thoughts ran through her mind. She knew she was playing with fire, but she didn’t care if she got burnt.

“Okay,” she whispered.

I loved Alice, she was so amazing in the beginning with all the crap Parker put her through. She truly believed Parker has a good side he was just afraid to show it. Was Alice right about him or was he really that selfish and just worried about himself?

I truly loved this story, I loved watching Parker and Alice together. Plus I loved seeing each of them change through the story. The major question here is…Will Parker get what he wants in the long run? Or did he screw it up before it even started? Will Alice be able to live with herself for agreeing to marry Parker for money? Is there a HEA at the end? Or is there just room for heart break and disaster?

My Star Review:



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