Doves for Sale by Lila Felix

Doves for Sale: by Lila Felix

Released on: March 20, 2015

Pages: 195

Format: ARC

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Dates Read: March 23 to March 24

Blurb“Love isn’t crazy. Love isn’t a degree of insanity. Love is sanity at its purest. It forces your soul to make a rational choice—a choice to make another person’s happiness your priority, to allow them access to your heart and soul. Letting Ezra go was choosing to love him. Letting him go was the best way you knew how to choose his joy over your own. I can see it in both of you. This love isn’t one that will go down without a fight.”

Seven months is a long time to wait. Ezra has three goals. There is no choice. He has to get better, for himself and for Aysa. Except, his best friend Roman has moved in, in his absence. He’s given Ezra’s girl a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and a fighting chance at winning her heart. 

Aysa knows who her heart belongs to.
But loving Ezra is no easy task.
Ezra never promised simple, he only promised his heart.
Aysa has two paths in front of her, one carries peace and one carries a love that never ends.


This is the 2nd half of Ezra and Aysa story! (If you missed Sparrows for Free [Amazon] don’t miss it). This story starts pretty much where we left off in Sparrows for Free, they are broken up and figuring things out about themselves before they can be together again.  Ezra has been in therapy along with Aysa.  Roman has been around a lot to help Aysa…which is good…and bad.

This is a great and powerful story.  I absolutely LOVED these 2 characters!  I love how they had to make themselves better before they could be together and work on being a better “us”. I loved the new Aysa we get in this story, which is totally different from the previous story!  Her relationship with Knox is great, they were always making me laugh.  It was great seeing Ezra work so incredibly hard to become better, not just for himself but for Aysa as well.  I felt bad for Roman though and I really hope he gets his HEA!

You’ll have to grab this book if you want to see how their story ends…will they get their HEA?  If so how will they get there?  Will it be enough this time?

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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet!! Getting on it very soon!


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