Whatever It Takes by Stephanie Smith

30764177Whatever It Takes by Stephanie Smith

Release Date: November 17, 2016

Format: ARC

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Dates Read: November 9 to November 11


She only wants his sperm. What could go wrong?

Georgia Armstrong is on the hunt—on the hunt for a man. It’s not what you think, though. She’s not looking for love, friendship or companionship. Georgia wants a baby, and she’s on the hunt for a sperm donor. Except her plan is to have the sperm donated the good old-fashioned way. What could possibly go wrong?

Henry Marsh knows what he wants, and a wife and family are not it. He doesn’t know where the blonde bombshell came from, and he doesn’t know what she was thinking when she came up with her plan. And he especially doesn’t know why he agreed to help her.

Business quickly turns into pleasure and the lines are blurred as Henry and Georgia begin to break all the rules.

How far will Georgia go to become a mother, and what will it cost her? And has Henry finally put his member some place he shouldn’t?


Georgia wants one thing, a baby. She just needs a sperm donor, and she’s not asking for a relationship. She goes to a bar to try and find someone crazy enough to tell her they’ll do it…enter Henry.

Henry is happy with the way his life is. He runs a successful bar and has no desire to get married or have a family, but he can’t seem to tell Georgia no even though her plan is batshit crazy.

Phase one: Find a guy. Phase two: Get the contract signed. Phase three: Medical tests and clearances. Phase four: Make a baby.

Talk about the most awkward situation…having sex with a random stranger just so you can have a baby. Someone you just met and had sign this very intense contract. Georgia thought very hard about all of this before she set her plan in motion, but maybe she didn’t think about everything that could happen.

Henry thinks she is crazy but agrees because he doesn’t want a family for himself and nothing will be expected of him. He wants to help her get her dream.

Things start to get tricky when there “agreement” starts to get mixed with “feelings.”

I knew that a long time ago. But is she right? Would I be satisfied with just Henry? Would he be enough?

I loved this book a lot. I loved that Georgia knew what she wanted and went out and got it. She didn’t care she wasn’t in a relationship, she knew she wanted a baby more than anything. I love how Henry was willing to help even though he thought she was crazy.

Will Georgia get her baby she so desperately wants? Will Henry be okay with everything? Will they end up falling for each other? Will everything fall apart in the end?

My Star Rating:



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