Miles Away by Addison Kline

Miles Away by Addison Kline

Release Date: December 14, 2015

Pages: 335


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Date Read: November 18 to November 23


The mafia couldn’t kill him. 

Prison couldn’t break him. 

Going home threatens to do both. 

Miles Capadonno has made some mistakes. Once part of the Capadonno crime family, he took the fall for another member of the crime family who once tried to kill him. At age 17, they put a contract out on Miles’ head for neglecting to complete a job. It was a matter of priority. Miles went to his dying mother’s side instead of picking up stolen merchandise from the ship yard. When you’re in with the Capadonno’s, whether you’re blood or sworn in, when they say jump you jump, when they say kill you kill. Ignoring an order is an offense of the highest degree. When they couldn’t kill him, they let Miles take the fall for another Capadonno family member. Now 15 years later, Miles is being released. He is ready to put his past behind him. There’s only one problem. There is still a contract on Miles’ head. This time, Miles is man enough to collect on owed debts, and he will not back down from the family that stabbed him in the back. 

Leticia “Letty” Alves is a saucy Latina and Miles’ old high school girlfriend. She was only 16 when Miles was arrested, but she hasn’t stopped wondering about the boy who charmed her all those years ago. Now working as a nurseEdit for a home health agency, Letty’s priorities are to take care of herself and her 18 month old son, Gabriel. But when Miles walks back into her life everything changes, and suddenly, the family that she had avoided all her life, is now breathing down her neck looking for Miles. Letty is no damsel in distress, though. She’s a fighter, and she never backs down from a challenge. 

Sparks fly when Miles and Letty reunite. Can they put their differences aside to become one again? Can Miles set down his pride and accept the help and love that Letty can provide? Will Letty get over her resentment over being left so long ago when Miles was arrested? Only readers know for sure.

Welcome to Carrion, New Jersey, where the Capadonno’s call the shots. Miles was away for so long, but now the prodigal son has returned. One thing is for sure, the family business isn’t ready for a bastard like him.


This is book one in a new series by Addison Kline. I’ve honestly never read anything by this author before and was contacted on my blog to see if I’d like to read and review this book. Let me just tell you how GLAD I am that I said yes! I loved this one so much!!

This is Miles story…he was framed and thrown in jail for 17 years for a crime he didn’t even commit! His girlfriend was with him when he was arrested and she never heard from him the whole time he was locked up. I was happy with the way Letty never gave up on him, never stopped loving him and was waiting for him. Now that’s what I call love!!

“Letty was still his guiding light who had led Miles from the darkness more times than he would ever admit.”

Miles is out for revenge against those who framed him, which who could blame the guy! Plus his father still had a hit out on him too and he didn’t know who he could or couldn’t trust except Letty. He knew she had his back and always would. After being reunited with Letty he would do anything to not lose her again, but there were things he had to take care of in order to make sure those he loves were safe.

“You have to know that… Letty.”

“What, Miles?”

“Everything I do now, is for you and G.”

This was a very intense read!! I never knew what was going to happen next!! It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time!! It was definitely one of those cant put it down books!! I had to keep reading to see what happened next!

The real question is will Miles survive to have his much deserved future with Letty? Who can he trust to be on his side? Will he end up trusting the right people or the wrong people and end up regretting it in the end?

This is a must read! I can’t wait to read Knox’s story next!
I received an ARC for my honest review.

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